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We will need the following information
*Type of computer *Operation system
*Ideation product and version *Description of the problem
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Q1.What kind of PC should I use for ARTCAM?

Please use the PC which has build-in USB2.0 ports.
Comfirmation of USB2.0
*Please use free trial to make sure if your PC is compatible with ARTCAM
*Please note that our products are not compatible with USB1.1 except ARTCAM-130SN2.
*Recommended PC:Intel chip set, Above ICH6

Q2.About USB2.0

Please use the PC which has built-in USB2.0 ports.

×USB2.0 PCI card
However, PCI bus is 33MHz, but the specifications of its chip(almost manufactured by NEC, uPD720100)
is old and the maximum transfer speed is 20MHz.

×USB2.0 PCMCIA card
It is not suitable for ARTCAM, because the bus clock of PCMCIA bus is 16MHz.

○Built-in USB2.0 port
Almost all current PC have built-in USB2.0 ports. In addition, it is possible to do fast transfer
because USB2.0 ports are connected to internal bus.
We have already confirmed 320Mbps(40MHz).(by SIS USB2.0 chip)
Please note that some of lap-top computer manufactured by NEC have uPD720100,
and its transfer speed is slow for ARTCAM.